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Date published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline date
17/10/2018Consultancy Services (Middle East) low 22/10/2018
17/10/2018Video Production (Switzerland) low 23/10/2018
17/10/2018Precast Concrete Retaining Wall low 19/11/2018
17/10/2018Welfare Support low 19/11/2018
17/10/2018Financial Consultancy Services low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018Education & Training low 19/11/2018
17/10/2018Catering Concession Services low 24/10/2018
17/10/2018Vehicle Tracking low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Software low 19/10/2018
17/10/2018Enterprise Software Subscription low 24/10/2018
17/10/2018Door Replacement low 06/11/2018
17/10/2018Traffic Management low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018Health & Social low 14/11/2018
17/10/2018Occupational Therapy Assessments low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Patient Moving and Handling Equipment low 31/10/2018
17/10/2018Sports Centre Extension low 08/11/2018
17/10/2018RA251146 - Community Pharmacy Communications and Data Collection Service low 01/11/2018
17/10/2018Personal Computer low 23/10/2018
17/10/2018Winter Highway Maintenance Vehicles low 31/10/2018
17/10/2018Auditing Services low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Grant Funding Available low 24/10/2018
17/10/2018Technical Advisory Service low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Pellet Mill low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Power and heating plant low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Fire & Associated Systems Maintenance low 05/11/2018
17/10/2018Hot Water System Upgrade low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Sensors & Data Loggers low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018Cardiopulmonary bypass low 19/11/2018
17/10/2018Measuring Equipment low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018Medical Packs low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018CCTV System Upgrade low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018Funding Available low 19/11/2018
17/10/2018Detection & Monitoring System low 05/11/2018
17/10/2018Construction Consultancy Services low 05/11/2018
17/10/2018Medical Equipment Maintenance low 31/10/2018
17/10/2018Parking Enforcement Services low 19/11/2018
17/10/2018Project Management Services low 29/10/2018
17/10/2018Welding Machinery - URGENT DEADLINE low 19/10/2018
17/10/2018Commercial Kitchen Equipment - URGENT DEADLINE low 18/10/2018
17/10/2018Business Building Workshops low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018Marketing Plan Development - URGENT DEADLINE low 24/10/2018
17/10/2018Demolition and New Build low 30/11/2018
17/10/2018CCTV Maintenance & Associated Services low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Grants low 30/11/2018
17/10/2018Highway Landscape Maintenance low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Broadband Services low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Community Grants low 12/11/2018
17/10/2018Foster Care Support Services low 02/11/2018
17/10/2018Motor Vehicle Damage Repair low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Grant Funding low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Lighting & Sound Equipment low 09/11/2018
17/10/2018Passive fire protection solutions low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Mental Health - Market Engagement Event low 19/10/2018
17/10/2018Houses Construction Works low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Fit-Out Works low 06/11/2018
17/10/2018Warehouse Units Building Works low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Metalwork / Engineering Materials low 06/11/2018
17/10/2018Bus Services low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Consultancy Services low 29/10/2018
17/10/2018Food Supplies low 30/11/2018
17/10/2018Computer Tomography low 06/11/2018
17/10/2018Refurbishment & Extensions Works low 29/11/2018
17/10/2018Buses Sale low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018PR Consultancy Services low 08/11/2018
17/10/2018Research Services low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Water Coolers Supply / Services low 14/11/2018
17/10/2018Paving Works low 25/10/2018
17/10/2018Mental Health Peer Support Service - Prior information notice low 19/10/2018
17/10/2018Extra Care Services low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Recycling Services low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Cable Supply low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Artist Commission Opportunity low 22/10/2018
17/10/2018 Psychological Therapies low 08/11/2018
17/10/2018Prefabricated Building low 06/11/2018
17/10/2018Audit Services low 14/11/2018
17/10/2018Building Installation Works low 16/11/2018
17/10/2018Learning and skills support low 23/10/2018
17/10/2018Site Enabling Works low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Architectural Services low 06/11/2018
17/10/2018Youth Co-ordination Services low 09/11/2018
17/10/2018Alarm & Lighting Systems low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Bonding System low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Construction Consultancy Services low 15/11/2018
17/10/2018Shape Seating - URGENT DEADLINE low 18/10/2018
17/10/2018User Research low 30/10/2018
17/10/2018Database Application low 30/10/2018
17/10/2018Incubation Kitchens Management low 13/11/2018
17/10/2018High Rise Building Surveys low 06/11/2018
17/10/2018Leisure Equipment Sale low 05/11/2018
17/10/2018Cleaning & Waste Disposal low 28/10/2018
17/10/2018IT Backup Services low 24/10/2018
17/10/2018Summative Assessment low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Health & Safety low 28/10/2018
17/10/2018Lift Replacement & Associated Works low 14/11/2018
17/10/2018Research Services low 23/11/2018
17/10/2018Industry Specific Software low 07/11/2018
17/10/2018Audio/Visual Equipment - Prior information notice low 17/11/2018
17/10/2018Office Refurbishment low 26/10/2018
17/10/2018Fund Management Services low 14/12/2018
17/10/2018Website Audit Services low 02/11/2018
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