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Date published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline date
22/06/2018Training Services low 27/06/2018
22/06/2018Environmental Services low 10/07/2018
22/06/2018Mower low 15/07/2018
22/06/2018Education Services low 26/07/2018
22/06/2018Software Solution low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Software low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Tablets low 05/07/2018
22/06/2018Cleaning Supplies low 04/07/2018
22/06/2018Catering Services low 31/08/2018
22/06/2018MRE Tool Kit low 22/07/2018
22/06/2018Jerry Cans & Water Buckets low 22/07/2018
22/06/2018Hydraulic Tank - For Sale low 03/07/2018
22/06/2018Items For Sale low 03/07/2018
22/06/2018Chain Block & Attachment - For Sale low 03/07/2018
22/06/2018Items For Sale low 04/07/2018
22/06/2018Property Services low 17/08/2018
22/06/2018Artist Commission low 02/07/2018
22/06/2018Funding For Businesses low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Funding For Farmers low 22/07/2018
22/06/2018Public relations consultancy services low 10/08/2018
22/06/2018Metallurgical microscopes low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Evaluation Services low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Topographical services low 05/07/2018
22/06/2018Aquatic marine services low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Electrical Items - For Sale low 04/07/2018
22/06/2018Building completion work low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Tenant Satisfaction Survey low 17/07/2018
22/06/2018Cold Chain Equipment - Consultancy low 22/07/2018
22/06/2018Tarpaulin Rolls low 22/07/2018
22/06/2018Master Plan Development low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Structural Repair Works low 12/07/2018
22/06/2018Architectural and related services low 05/07/2018
22/06/2018Market Research low 03/08/2018
22/06/2018Manned Guarding Services low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Transit Wheelchairs low 25/06/2018
22/06/2018Scaffolding low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Kitchen Equipment low 25/06/2018
22/06/2018Instruments for checking physical characteristics low 12/07/2018
22/06/2018Storyboard & Digital Content low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Gate Conservation Works low 16/07/2018
22/06/2018Items For Sale - Pumps low 03/07/2018
22/06/2018Audit Services low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Personal development training services low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Car Park Management low 12/07/2018
22/06/2018Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Fruit & Vegetables Supply low 20/07/2018
22/06/2018Electrical Installation Works low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Secondary school construction work low 23/07/2018
22/06/2018Post and courier services low 23/07/2018
22/06/2018Database Development low 12/07/2018
22/06/2018Funfair Services low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Computer-related equipment low 18/07/2018
22/06/2018Child Services Advisory low 10/07/2018
22/06/2018Frozen Food low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Public relations consultancy services low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Environmental management low 12/07/2018
22/06/2018Spa Treatment Room Services low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Gas Servicing & Repair low 12/07/2018
22/06/2018Replacement of Tanks low 12/07/2018
22/06/2018Advocacy & Independent Visitor Services - Market Engagement low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Asset Inventory Solution - URGENT DEADLINE low 23/06/2018
22/06/2018Centre Development Works low 28/06/2018
22/06/2018Ultracentrifuge low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Building Refurbishment low 03/08/2018
22/06/2018Therapeutic Food (Africa) low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Electrical & Ancillary Services low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Medical Supplies (Africa) low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Window and Doors Repair low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Structural Building Survey low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Photogrammetry Survey low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Artistic Services low 23/07/2018
22/06/2018Economic Appraisal low 06/07/2018
22/06/2018Events Stewarding & Equipment low 02/07/2018
22/06/2018Pathology Services - Prior Information Notice low 22/08/2018
22/06/2018M&E Inspections low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Road Alterations and Resurfacing low 20/07/2018
22/06/2018Water Network Projects (Middle East) low 11/07/2018
22/06/2018Swimming Pool Upgrade Works low 19/07/2018
22/06/2018Design Services low 04/07/2018
22/06/2018Water Networks (Middle East) low 11/07/2018
22/06/2018HV & LV Works - Subcontract low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Heating Pipework Upgrade - URGENT DEADLINE low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Paint Spraying Equipment low 22/08/2018
22/06/2018Mediation & Disagreement Resolution Services low 26/07/2018
22/06/2018Lighting Replacement low 23/07/2018
22/06/2018Risk Management Reviews low 13/07/2018
22/06/2018Interpreter Training Facility low 09/07/2018
22/06/2018Social Work Services - Prior information notice low 05/07/2018
22/06/2018Independent advocacy support low 23/07/2018
22/06/2018Automotive Industry Products Development low 05/07/2018
22/06/2018Energy Advisory Services - URGENT DEADLINE low 29/06/2018
22/06/2018Training Services low 19/07/2018
22/06/2018Training Services low 28/07/2018
22/06/2018Smart Garments Development low 05/07/2018
22/06/2018Research Services low 27/07/2018
22/06/2018Taxi Route - URGENT DEADLINE low 25/06/2018
22/06/2018Roof, Windows and Doors Upgrades low 17/07/2018
22/06/2018Research Consultancy Services low 05/07/2018
22/06/2018Career and Employabiity Solution low 01/07/2018
22/06/2018Building Improvement Works low 20/07/2018