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Date published Title of tender Type of Tender Deadline date
20/04/2018Decoration & Joinery Works low 21/05/2018
20/04/2018Care Services low 27/04/2018
20/04/2018Kitchens & Bathrooms low 21/05/2018
20/04/2018Printing Services low 18/05/2018
20/04/2018Organic Waste Services - Market Engagement Events low 04/06/2018
20/04/2018BEMS Maintenance low 22/05/2018
20/04/2018IT Services - Future Requirement low 25/04/2018
20/04/2018Woodland Assets - Management low 16/07/2018
20/04/2018Consultancy Services low 18/05/2018
20/04/2018Car Park Lighting & Switchgear low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Consultancy Services low 10/05/2018
20/04/2018Roof Repairs low 07/05/2018
20/04/2018Communications low 02/05/2018
20/04/2018Arcade Refurbishment Works low 14/05/2018
20/04/2018Planning & Architectural Services low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Arts & Culture Services low 09/05/2018
20/04/2018Road Works low 02/05/2018
20/04/2018Transport Services low 09/05/2018
20/04/2018Ligature Training - Prior Information Notice low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Security Management Training - Prior Information Notice low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Funding For Community Groups low 01/06/2018
20/04/2018Artistic & Creative Services low 08/05/2018
20/04/2018Consultancy Services low 21/04/2018
20/04/2018Grant Funding low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Website & e-Commerce Platform low 28/04/2018
20/04/2018Funding Available low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Strategy Consultancy low 30/04/2018
20/04/2018Software Development and Support low 17/05/2018
20/04/2018Air Conditioning System Installation low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Event Staging, Lighting and PA low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Masonry Cladding Repair Works low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Greenhouses low 24/05/2018
20/04/2018Re Roofing low 27/04/2018
20/04/2018Review of Communications low 02/05/2018
20/04/2018Social Care Market Engagement Events low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Building, Mechanical and Electrical Refurbishment low 10/05/2018
20/04/2018Solar PV System Installation low 30/04/2018
20/04/2018Feasibility Study low 16/05/2018
20/04/2018Planning Activities in Heritage Projects low 08/05/2018
20/04/2018EPOS Systems low 06/06/2018
20/04/2018FM & Associated Services - Overseas low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Performance shelter low 23/05/2018
20/04/2018Waste Processing low 18/05/2018
20/04/2018Support Services low 25/05/2018
20/04/2018Roof Works low 25/04/2018
20/04/2018Sports Challenge event low 27/04/2018
20/04/2018Parachutes Devices low 09/05/2018
20/04/2018Consultancy Services low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Laboratory Deep Cleaning low 25/05/2018
20/04/2018Sports Facility Installation low 16/05/2018
20/04/2018Hand Wash Unit Replacement low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Listed Building Refurbishment low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Guardianship for Students - Prior information notice low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Forestry Management low 16/07/2018
20/04/2018Refurbishment & Roof Works - Custody Suite low 23/05/2018
20/04/2018Technical Evaluation Services low 03/05/2018
20/04/2018Conservation Works low 16/05/2018
20/04/2018Pitching Stone low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Business Growth Support low 14/05/2018
20/04/2018Social Care Services - Market Testing Event low 02/05/2018
20/04/2018Mobile Totems Systems private project 24/04/2018
20/04/2018Weed Control low 08/05/2018
20/04/2018Counselling Services low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Urgent Treatment Centres low 09/05/2018
20/04/2018Evaluation Services low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018IT Licenses & Services low 10/05/2018
20/04/2018Marketing management consultancy services low 15/05/2018
20/04/2018Property Development and Valuation - Prior Information Notice low 08/05/2018
20/04/2018Sheltered Housing New Build low 30/04/2018
20/04/2018Research Consultancy Services low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Evaluation Services low 22/04/2018
20/04/2018Complete Refurbishment Works low 20/05/2018
20/04/2018Machinery low 01/05/2018
20/04/2018Playground Installation low 10/05/2018
20/04/2018Creative Services Required low 31/07/2018
20/04/2018Transport Services (Africa) low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Education Services low 09/05/2018
20/04/2018Website Development low 18/05/2018
20/04/2018Ground Works low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Adult Education low 31/07/2019
20/04/2018Food Kits (Middle East) low 17/05/2018
20/04/2018Hardware & Software Maintenance low 18/05/2018
20/04/2018Footpath and Car Park Upgrades low 09/05/2018
20/04/2018Refurbishment Works low 27/04/2018
20/04/2018Heating Replacement Works low 03/05/2018
20/04/2018Publishing of business-critical documents - Prior Information Notice low 30/04/2018
20/04/2018Car Park Extension Works low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Temporary Accommodation Units low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Launderette Operation and Management low 16/05/2018
20/04/2018Vehicles low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Construction Works low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Access Construction Works low 18/05/2018
20/04/2018Road Markings & Studs low 31/05/2018
20/04/2018Supported Living Catering low 11/05/2018
20/04/2018Occupational Health low 08/05/2018
20/04/2018Healthcare Cash Plan low 02/05/2018
20/04/2018Gym Refurbishment and New Equipment low 04/05/2018
20/04/2018Array System low 19/05/2018
20/04/2018Biological Laboratory Equipment low 21/05/2018
20/04/2018Skips & Site Accommodation low 31/03/2025