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Led by an active Bid Manager with a success rate, across a wide range of clients, of 92%. They really understand the bidding environment and how it applies in practice; not just the theory, having a vast amount of experience and expertise supporting a range of blue chip, SME and third sector clients with their bids.

1. An Introduction to Bidding & Tendering: Increasing your success
This course is an introduction to Bidding & Tendering for those looking to gain a good understanding of Public Sector procurement.

Testimonial from an attendee on our Tendering Introduction workshop:
"This introduction course into Tender writing and Tender bid initiation gave me a fantastic insight into how to get the ball rolling, especially as a beginner!  The course content was very valuable and the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and I would have no doubt recommending B2B Quote Tender Training courses to anybody


2. Writing Strong Tenders: Improving Performance & Winning More Contracts
This workshop is for those looking to gain a good understanding of how to write strong tenders / bids and are looking to improve their performance and win more contracts. It will help new businesses set up business winning systems and well-established organisations refine their existing systems based on best practice.

Testimonial from an attendee on our Writing Strong Tenders workshop:
"I would thoroughly recommend the Writing Strong Tenders course for anyone who is looking to improve their success rate. The day was packed with helpful information, top tips, workshops and insight on how to write a compelling tender that will help you stand out from the crowd. The Trainer was professional, friendly and had a wealth of specialist information to help us develop our tender writing skill. I would certainly attend another one of these types of courses in the future.
Thank you B2B Quote for all your hard work!"


3. Tender Presentation Workshop
This workshop is for those who are looking to improve their Presentation skills and win more contracts.  It will help bring structure to your presentation by showing you how to plan and prepare. You will be writing, rehearsing and delivering your presentation to the group.

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